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Flower Vase

With Motherís Day coming up, fathers everywhere are looking for something simple their kids can make for mom. There is a fun flower vase that can be made with things that are around the house. This project is simple enough that even young children can do it if they are supervised.

Mom will cherish this one for years to come. I made one for my mother when I was a child and she still has it proudly displayed in her home, even though she has moved several times.

Materials Needed:

Soda bottle, I always used glass jars and bottles but I donít see why a plastic one wouldnít work.

Masking Tape

Brown Shoe Polish


Step 1: Remove any label, and wash bottle inside and out. Painted labels are okay, make sure to remove any paper.

Step 2: Tear masking tape into small pieces and stick them all over the bottle. Continue until the bottle is completely covered.

Step 3: Cover the tape with the shoe polish. Use thin coats, enough to just color the tape.

Step 4: Let the shoe polish dry. Add another coat of shoe polish if you want a darker color.

Step 5: Use plastic or fabric flowers. Putting water in the vase will damage the tape.

Step 6: (if desired) Tie a nice ribbon or bow around the jar to make it look like a gift.


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