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Paper Embroidery - Technique & Free Pattern

Paper Embroidery - Technique & Free Pattern

This easy and beautiful paper embroidery project is great for beginners and advanced paper embroiderers alike. Even beginners will find this project easy to accomplish. In this project, the pattern consists of two concentric circles.

By varying the number of stitches skipped between the holes, the embroidery within the two circles has been given variation which gives this pattern its character.

Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock
  • Paper Embroidery template or pattern (Click here to Download this pattern)
  • Card Blank
  • Non-permanent tape
  • Embroidery floss in two colors
  • Needle
  • Embellishments
  • Paper piercing tool and foam piercing pad


Step 1:

Place template over cardstock and tape it using non-permanent tape or you can even choose to clip it using office U-clips.

Using a needle, pierce holes in the cardstock using the pattern as a guide.

A paper piercing tool and a foam piercing board, available in Paper Embroidery Kits might prove useful, but are not necessary.

Paper Embroidery Instructions - Pierce holes on your cardstock
Step 2:

Thread your needle with embroidery floss of desired color. Start with the outer circle first. Tape the end of the floss rather than knotting it to the backside to avoid bulk.

Bring up your needle at point 1 (any point on the circle) and bring it down at 2, i.e. after skipping 9 holes. Now, bring the needle up at the hole next to 2, i.e. 3 and bring it down at the hole next to 1, i.e. 4. Bring it up at 5 and down at 6.

Paper Embroidery Instructions - Start embroidering
Step 3:

Complete the circle in a similar manner. The distance between the two holes (where you bring the needle up and down) should always remain the same. In this pattern, it should always remain 9.

You will not need to count the holes every time, just bring up the needle from the next hole.

When finished, all holes will have 2 stitches each, running in opposite directions.

Paper Embroidery Instructions - Finished outer circle
Step 4:

Now start with the inner circle using a contrasting colored thread. Bring up your needle at any point on the circle. Now skip 17 holes and bring down your needle. Continue just like you did with the outer circle.

Note: The reason we skipped only 9 holes in the outer circle and 17 holes in the inner circle is that we needed a wider and thinner outer circle. The inner circle, however, was intended to be more 'filled-up', i.e. with lesser space left in between.

Paper Embroidery Instructions - Start the inner circle
Step 5:

Complete the inner circle continuing in the same way. When both the circles are done, you can embellish your card with buttons, rhinestones, sequins and whatever odds and ends you can find in your craft boxes.

Glue your finished cardstock to the front of a card blank and you are done!

Paper Embroidery Instructions - Completed pattern


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