Ideas for Decorating Boys’ Rooms


As a mother of two young sons, I can attest to the need for a well-decorated boys’ room. Any boy’s room needs several things: safety, comfort, storage, and fun. Maybe you have boys whose rooms are total disasters. Maybe you’re wondering how you can control the mess and give your boys a room they’ll enjoy being in. If so, here are some tips to help make the process as simple as possible:

Boys Bedroom Idea

Cut the Clutter!

This is where you’ll need to be firm. Help your boys evaluate every last item in the room. Get four totes or large boxes and label them as follows: Keep, store, donate, trash. Decide together which items stay, and which should go. For those items that are to be stored, get some stackable plastic totes that can be neatly placed in closets and under beds.

Boys Bedroom Idea

Add Some Color

Bright, primary colors in small doses are always great in boys’ rooms. You could also incorporate shades of navy blue and hunter green into your boys’ room. Let your boys go shopping with you and choose their own bedding. These days, there are sets of comforters and sheets that come in every color and theme you can think of, including favorite cartoon characters. Maybe your boy would like a Spiderman comforter, or maybe something in a train theme is more for him. If he’s older, he may choose a solid color. It’s important to give your child some say in the matter.

Boys Bedroom Idea

Accent the Walls

Posters are popular for boys’ room walls. This is another area where your boy or boys should have a say. Let them choose the posters that they like. For extra durability and a more put-together look, frame the posters. Poster frames are cheap and help protect the poster from getting ruined.

Boys Bedroom Idea

Make use of Vertical Space

If your boys’ room is on the small side, then vertical space can be your best friend. Add shelves that your boys can easily reach. As mentioned before, stackable totes are great because they can be stacked fairly high. If your boys own lots of plush animals like mine do, use a net that can be hung in a corner of the wall to store them.

Provide Some Fun

Every boy needs something fun in his room. Stock your boys’ room with puzzles, board games, and most definitely, books! Older children might love a stereo in their room. Some parents do let their boys have a TV in their bedroom, whether you do or not is a matter of personal preference.

These are just a few basic ideas that can get you thinking about improvements to make in your boys’ room. Boys are notoriously messy at times and should have lots of storage space where they can stash their stuff. That, along with letting them help decorate, are in my opinion the two most important aspects of decorating your boys’ room.


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