Social anxiety disorder is a disorder that causes a person to experience fear from social interaction and different social situations. Usually, those who are afflicted with social anxiety disorder are extremely self conscious and feel they are constantly being judged and observed by others. Another major fear is the fear of committing a mistake. This fear is often overwhelming and the thought of being humiliated often causes an extreme amount of anxiety in large crowds. These fears can sometimes cause people with social anxiety disorder to avoid public situations and live a life of seclusion.

The disorder often causes false belief about social situations. The person who suffers from the disorder can begin to accumulate distorted thoughts, caused by anxiety and fear. Sadly, without treatment, it can completely ruin someone’s quality of life. There are many activities, which are regular and easy for most people that have become impossible for those with the disorder to negotiate in certain social settings. For example, something as simple as eating or drinking in front of others or asking a question in a large group can evoke fear. Using public restrooms is often a problem for many people suffering from social anxiety disorder. It is nearly impossible for many people who are not on medication to date someone or attend a party. Having a regular social life is seldom a possibility for someone who has the disorder and doesn’t seek medical attention.

Research is being conducted daily to determine the cause of the disorder. At the current date, researchers are still unsure as to what the exact causes are. However, the good news is that medicine does exist to help combat the symptoms. Medicine coupled with counseling has been shown to increase self esteem and improve quality of life a great deal. If you are suffering from the disorder or know someone who is, make sure to get medical attention. The medicine has been shown to make a difference and the disorder is being studied daily in order to improve treatments and fight the disease. The future is getting brighter, and if you suffer from social anxiety disorder there is plenty of hope ahead. With medical assistance and counseling, you can regain a large portion of your life back and start feeling good about yourself again. There is no need to let the disorder rule your life. There are many people out there working hard to help you. Join the fight and get your life back.